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RSG Inc based in Sylacauga, Central Alabama, USA, manufactures dry process equipment for fine dry grinding and ultrafine dry grinding of minerals, metal powders and chemicals. RSG also manufactures high efficiency air classifiers.

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The ufg mill is a dry airswept media mill used for the production of fine powders typically below 45 microns. The mill is available in sizes of 20 HP to 2000 HP.

This stirred media mill concept is unique as the feed material is fed pneumatically into the mill. The particles to be ground are airswept across an agitated bed of grinding media and exit the mill in an airstream directly to a high efficiency air classifier, where on size particles are removed and oversize particles rejected and returned to the pearl mill in the feed conveying system. The grinding media does not discharge from the mill.

The ufg mill employs an agitated (or stirred) grinding media action for grinding of the ultrafine particles. Many types of metallic or ceramic grinding media are available for the fine grinding of a particular mineral, metal or chemical power. Unlike other designs of media mill, agitated mill, or pearl mill the ufg mill doesn't rely on screens or grates to retain the grinding media in the mill.

The feed material must be suitable for pneumatic conveying, typically all below 3 mm. For details of typical performance see fine grinding applications

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RSG Inc uses the following additional trademarks.

ACS - Advanced Classification System. An air classifier suitable for production of powders in the range of 500 to 5 microns.

ACS-TD - Advanced Classification System - twin discharge. An ultrafine air classifier used for air classification of powders in the range of 200 to 3 microns.

MCS - Mill Classification System. A high capacity air classifier used to retrofit all types of vertical airswept grinding mills (such as Raymond roller mills, Bradley roller Mills, Williams airswept mills etc)

Our Mission
Continued development of fine particle processing technology.

Company Profile
Founded in 1992 RSG Inc specializes in powder processing technology. RSG Inc manufactures dry fine grinding and air classification equipment.

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Mailing address:       P.O. Box 2158 Sylacauga AL 35150 U.S.A.
Shipping address:     119 Crews Lane, Sylacauga AL 35150 U.S.A.
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